Origin Coffee – Resolute Blend


Milk Chocolate, Stewed Plum & Caramel

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No nonsense, classic idea of coffee from our friends at Origin.

It’s a consistent and comforting, full-bodied cup, with prominent notes of dark chocolate and nuts. It comes together like a barrelling wave, to form the perfect basis for a flat white or standalone espresso. The following three components make up this blend:

Bucaramanga, Colombia. Coffee cultivation takes place under a shade canopy to protect the coffee trees and soil from the higher temperatures. Shade cultivation helps create an environment with more stable and cool temperatures by blocking the strongest rays of the sun.

Corquin, Honduras. CAFESCOR was founded in 2012 by a group of producers seeking to establish sustainable livelihoods. It is a leader in certified coffee production in Honduras and is helping member farmers produce high-quality coffees and receive sustainable incomes

Comal, Guatemala. This is a lot contributed by the female producers from the Café de Mujeres project. The project focus on improving coffee quality and their farms’ environmental sustainability. Each producer processes and dries their own coffee on small patios. They all have their own small pulpers, fermentation tanks and washing systems.

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Whole Bean, Ground