Uncle Ashley’s Country Tin


At the beginning of this year, Angharad’s uncle asked us to develop a wholemeal tin for him. He wasn’t big into white sour or challah. They just didn’t quite hit the spot.

We both said yes, but by the time we had time to breathe, to develop, to create. It was too late.

Uncle Ashley was a huge (if not the biggest) supporter of us and our Tŷ Melin Bakery venture. Always expressed how proud he was of us.

Uncle Ashley passed away in December 2020, we were going to dedicate our new premises to him but as Angharad’s dad said, we won’t be there forever, how about dedicating a permanent product to him.

So here it is…. the one product he wanted us to make for him. This is for you Uncle Ashley, we hope you like it. It will always be on the menu, just like Uncle Ashley in our hearts and minds.


The loaf is made using a wholemeal/white sourdough , created over a three day process. Using a combination of organic white, wholemeal and rye flours. Left for long fermentation time.

The flavour is more complex than a white sour, with more of an umami flavour to the crust when toasted.

It’s our choice of bread at home, and Archie’s and Grandma’s and we hope it would have been Uncle Ashley’s too. Great for toast, sandwiches and a great accompaniment to a cheese board.


-Allergens: Wheat, rye, gluten.